5 Strategies For Generating High Quality Backlinks

Do you really know what backlinks are and why they are so important in the world of Search Engine Optimization? If not, then you will be in for a surprise. Simply put, backlinks are links that lead from one website to another. In SEO parlance, they are called “referrals”. You can receive high quality backlinks through many different ways. Let’s take a look at a few.

high quality backlinks

* Forum Referral: One of the most high-quality backlink building strategies is to make contact with other websites and forums and request backlink. This is generally done by leaving a comment on someone else’s post or thread, requesting a backlink. Most popular forums will allow this type of activity because there are generally high-quality backlinks waiting for you to grab. In order to qualify as a relevant forum, it is vital that your comments include at least some information about your site.

* Blog commenting: You can also obtain high quality backlinks this way. You simply create a blog entry about something relevant to your website and leave a comment. Be sure to leave a URL to your site within the comment, so that readers can visit your site through that link. Be careful, however, not to use any white hat methods such as article submissions or directory submissions. These activities generally have a high-impact on search engine rankings and can drive a ton of traffic to your site, however they do not provide any high quality backlinks. Click here for more information about how to generate backlinks

* Guest blogging: Another strategy that you can implement to obtain a high quality backlink is to utilize guest blogging. The concept is simple: you write an article related to your website, but you leave a URL for your site in the author’s resource box. You then ask a popular blog with a large readership to publish your content as a guest blogger. This is a fantastic strategy because not only will your backlink be featured prominently within the article itself, but it will also be distributed across the web. It is recommended that you avoid posting the URL to your site in the text of the article, however, because search engines can detect these links and lower your ranking accordingly.

* Search engine optimization (SEO): The final strategy that we are going to discuss is to engage in SEO. There are several different types of SEO, including keyword optimization and search engine compatibility analysis, but for our purposes, you want to look into meta directories. These directories allow you to list keywords that are relevant to your site in the title and body of your articles. Keyword meta directories also provide a high quality backlink because search engines are able to read the code of these links. If your articles are listed in these directories, they will provide you with high quality backlinks.

As was mentioned above, high quality backlinks can come in many forms. You don’t necessarily have to exchange one link for another; in fact, exchanging backlinks is discouraged. Exchanging backlinks will only serve to lower your ranking in search results if Google discovers that you are trading backlinks. One way that you can get high quality backlinks without exchanging is through guest blogging. As long as you are providing useful information and as long as you make sure that you add your website’s URL to your author profile, you should be fine.

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